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Meet the Staff

Denise Dixon - Head Teacher

Denise Dixon - Head Teacher 1

Helen Ovenden - Deputy Head Teacher

Helen Ovenden - Deputy Head Teacher 1

Fee Simpson - SENCO

Fee Simpson - SENCO 1

Meet our Teaching and Support Staff

Picture 1 Reception - Miss Tadayon
Picture 2 Year 1 - Miss Colliety
Picture 3 Year 2 - Mrs Meadows
Picture 4 Year 3 - Mrs Simpson
Picture 5 Year 3 - Mrs Smith
Picture 6 Year 4 - Mrs Smy
Picture 7 5R - Ms Roche
Picture 8 5H - Mrs Hulatt
Picture 9 Year 6 - Mr Packham


Administration Staff

Mrs Jones - Business Manager

Mrs Finch - Administrator


Teaching Assistants

Miss Castle

Mrs Deadman

Mrs Delderfield

Mrs Diamond

Mrs Chavero Osuna

Mrs Clarke

Mrs Hicklin-Mighall

Mrs Hogan

Mrs Parnell

Mrs Pringle

Mrs Seward

Mrs Parker

Mrs Mellor


Sports Coach

Mr Armstrong


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Bautista

Miss Castle

Mrs Diamond

Mrs Clarke

Mrs Parker

Mrs Plested

Mrs Seward

Miss Simpson

Miss Ryan


School Caretaker

Mr Thornton


School Cleaning Staff

Mrs Bautista

Miss Popa

Mrs Byrne


Kitchen Staff

Mrs Peckham

Miss Jeal