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School Council

School Councillors

 These councillors have been elected by their classes:

Year 2  Lulu and   Kyle

Year 3   Chloe and Kendra

Year 4   Flora   and Kayden

Year 5H   Leanne and   Tyler

Year 5R   Rebecca and Reiss

Year 6 Sidwan and India


School Council meeting      12.30   Wednesday  6th June

We discussed the meeting next week for the launch of our Green Ambassadors. We  also  heard about the visit next week to PDR construction's  building site to learn about site safety. We discussed the ongoing efforts to improve attendance across the school and Leanne and  Rebecca volunteered to create a presentation for an assembly to the whole school. The House system  is something that we will develop further next term so we came up with ideas to help promote the House system. We also said we would remind classes of the 'feedback box' which is outside the hall for children to use to share their ideas or to write about any problems they they don't want to discuss with  their teacher. 

School council meetings     -     these will be held monthly in the library. 

12/10/17      Mrs Ovenden met with all councillors. 

The representatives were welcomed and awarded their badges. We discussed the purpose of school council and shared some initial ideas.  The box outside the hall was named  'The Feedback Box' and a competition will run for the front design.  Councillors were given a    book in which to record suggestions from their class prior to the next meeting.