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Sports Premium


Kenley Primary School sports premium 2017/18


Sports and leading an active lifestyle has always been part of our ethos at Kenley. We encourage pupils to participate in a wide range of sporting activities both within the curriculum and as part of our extra-curriculum programme. We have a qualified sports coach taking each class on a weekly basis and all classes are timetabled for a PE session with their class teacher in addition to this.


The Physical Environment

We are lucky to have excellent outdoor facilities at Kenley, which include a large playing field, a Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 playground. Both playgrounds have areas with play equipment which are used by all the children during playtime, lunchtime and, for the infants, as part of their physical development. Last year the Key Stage 2 trim trail was updated and some equipment replaced. In addition we have a nature trail which is used by all year groups to enhance their outdoor learning and have developed a Forest School, which is being used on a weekly basis by all pupils in Year 3 and is being developed to support learning across the school. Inside we have a sports hall which is used by all classes for dance, gym and other fitness related activities.


How have we been spending the money?

In order to enhance our provision we have renewed our outdoor climbing equipment on the Key Stage 2 playground. The children have access to our outdoor gym and circuit training area, as well as basketball and netball courts, football pitch including goals, playground markings to encourage dance along with a table tennis table all on the KS2 playground. In Key Stage 1 we have outdoor climbing equipment to encourage active play along with the provision of play equipment and playground marking to encourage active play.


We have installed an orienteering course and enter our more able and talented pupils into local orienteering competitions.


To support teaching staff in both our indoor and outdoor provision we use the Val Sabin Scheme for Dance, Gym and outdoor games for both Key Stages.


We have also continued to extend the availability of clubs by including a Taekwondo club, netball club and we will continue to run a badminton club; this is being subsidized by the funding to make the cost in line with other sporting clubs. We have also had a Taekwondo taster day for all pupils.


We subscribe to ‘5-a-day TV’ and encourage all classes to access the 5 minutes daily dance based activity in the classroom.


Provision for 2017-2018

Qualified coach who works with every class from reception to year 6.


Forest School – We are training a further member of staff to run forest school which supports pupils' active learning outside of the classroom and are purchasing additional equipment in order to extend the range of opportunities and experiences for the pupils.


Development of EYFS outside area including the purchase of new outside play equipment and an obstacle course.


Swimming for Year 3 and 4 pupils - Swimming is an important part of the curriculum. Pupils are able to improve their swimming ability in differentiated groups in a controlled and safe environment. All pupils will swim for 3 terms on a weekly basis - pupils will be able to develop their water skills to improve confidence with the aim that all pupils are able to swim at least 25m by the end of year 4 and are able to perform basis life saving skills in line with the National Curriculum. Swimming is an extremely fun activity which the pupils enjoy and provides many social and health benefits. 


We have increased our provision for after school sporting activities and currently have clubs running in:

Football, Badminton, Netball, Tennis, Taekwondo and Cross Country running.


We participate in sporting competitions with other local school including girls and boys football throughout the year, orienteering, swimming, cross country running and the Croydon Schools Athletics competition.


We have joined the Croydon Sports Partnership which will enhance provision by providing support to the sports coach and teaching staff thereby enhancing PE provision during lessons for all pupils, it will provide training for pupils to become playground leaders and arrange sporting competitions both within schools and with other schools in the Borough.


We have an external coach running a lunchtime Health and Fitness club in order to support the development of sports skills, teamwork and leadership. The Health and Fitness club is a 12 week programme of 1 hour sessions with a new group of pupils taking part  each term; pupils are given the opportunity to participate in a range of activities all run by a professional coach. 


Our aim is that all children will have plenty of opportunities to participate in a broader range of activities than before.


Future priorities

  • To continue to participate in local sporting events.


  • Train young people to be play leaders and organize activities for younger pupils.


  • Develop our inter-school competitions by reviewing the current structure of sports day for Key Stage 1 pupils (Key Stage 2 Sports Day was reviewed last year).


  • Professional development of teachers through training by Croydon Sports Partnership.


  • Develop and introduce opportunities to play a range of sports including competing in Netball matches with other schools and increased participation in the local swimming Gala.


  • Develop the Key Stage 1 outdoor area.


The Sports Premium Funding for Kenley for 2017-2018  £17,505.00.


This has been spent as follows:


Area of Focus

Use of Funding



EYFS outside area

Purchase of obstacle course and outdoor play equipement


All EYFS pupils are able to access the equipment and develop skills of imagination in outdoor play and co-ordination.

Outdoor  Learning

Forest School Training and equipment 


Member of staff trained in Forest Schools and new equipment to further develop provision so that there are weekly Forest School sessions.

Engagement in lessons

Subscription to 5-a-day-tv


To encourage all children to be active, support behaviour for learning, development of co-ordination and the ability to follow given instructions.


All  pupils have weekly 1/2 hour swimming  during KS2.


Increase confidence, access to and enjoyment of swimming regardless of prior ability. More able swimmers are able to develop their skills and work towards representing the school in swimming galas and less competent swimmers are able to develop their abilities beyond the requirements of the Curriculum. 


All pupils have been given the opportunity for a badminton taster day.


Currently 11 children attend the weekly badminton club which is open to all pupils at a reduced rate.

Development of health, fitness, teamwork and leadership skills

J and C Health and Fitness Club


Pupils from   Years 1 to 6 have weekly hour long sessions  in which they participate in a range of sporting activities. Different pupils are selected  to take part each term.

Membership of Croydon Sports Partnership

Opportunity to access a range of CPD and training, links to other school in sporting opportunities,


Development of KS1 sportsday






Increased participation in sporting events, development of play leaders and enhanced quality of PE provision through staff training.


Cover for staff training for CPD co-ordinators courses and to support development of KS1 sportsday.