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Home School Agreement

Home-School Agreement

We at Kenley Primary school believe that children will learn best when parents know, understand and are in agreement with the aims of the school.


At Kenley our mission is to:

  • Provide our children with an education that promotes curiosity and perseverance within an engaging curriculum, encouraging everyone to be motivated, successful learners.

  • Our nurturing environment inspires resilience and the confidence to be independent in a culture where expectations are high and success is celebrated.

  • In our school all members of our community work together in supportive, positive surroundings. We are not afraid to take risks in our learning and know that all experiences are an opportunity to improve.

  • We encourage parents to be partners in their child’s education. We work together to promote our values, and celebrate and share our achievements.


The following agreement is to help the school and parents work in partnership in order to achieve this and thus allow the children to develop a love of learning for life.


As a school we will:

  • Provide a safe and friendly atmosphere.

  • Encourage the children to work hard and do his/her best

  • Keep you fully informed about your child’s progress

  • Welcome you into the life of the school and keep you informed on the work that is planned for your child

  • Provide a range of diverse activities to enrich your child’s educational experience.


Parents/carers are asked to:

  • Ensure that their child attends school regularly and that absences are properly notified.

  • Ensure that their child is collected promptly at the beginning and end of the school day and notify the school if there are any changes to the arrangements for collecting them.

  • Work with the school to encourage good behaviour.

  • Encourage their child to work hard and support learning at home, for example by completing homework and listening to reading.

  • Attend open evenings for parents.

  • Celebrate their child’s successes and help them deal with difficulties and adversity.

  • Instil a sense of pride in belonging to Kenley School by ensuring their child wears the correct uniform and PE kit, and encourage them to take care of their belonging, as well as those of the people around them.


Children are asked to:

  • Always do their best in lessons.

  • Be polite and thoughtful towards others.

  • Look after the school equipment and environment.

  • Behave well and keep to the school rules.

  • Tell a teacher or other adult if they are unhappy or need help.

  • Follow the school’s eSafety rules about how to use computers, the internet and other technology safely.


We ask the class teacher and all parents to sign the home-school agreement and also ask parents to share it with their child. We very much look forward to working together.