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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

At Kenley we encourage the children to speak with confidence   by  discussing and sharing their ideas with each other.

School Council and the Year 6 House Captains are two means by  which we enable this to happen.

We also participate in 'Votes for Schools'.

School Council

Our School Council  consists of one girl and one boy  from classes 2 to 6.   Each class holds an election  in the Autumn term during which the class representatives are  selected and presented in assembly with their School Council badges.  These representatives remain in that role for one academic year.

School Council meetings are held monthly and, prior to a School Council meeting, the classes are given themes to discuss , for example -    how we can make the school more environmentally friendly? The class representative brings the ideas  from their class to the council meeting for discussion. They then feed back to the class on the discussions held and any conclusions reached. 

The  School Council has met with the governors of the school to discuss their role and projects that they have been involved in. 

     School council meeting                          16/3/20

Present: Ava, Logan, Ella, William, Naw Grace, Chloe, Joe, Harry, Lyla, Mrs Ovenden and Mrs Simpson.

Thank you to our school councillors for their great ideas for the ‘idot’ project.

Each idea will need to be photographed or reported back to Mrs Simpson or Mrs Ovenden in written form for the records.

These include:

  • Saving electricity – signs by light switches to be made.
  • Litter picking to be arranged for every Friday.
  • Plastic bottles to be reused or recycled.
  • “2nd hand sale” - recycling of school uniform to be organised.
  • Spare fruit to be given to animals in forest on a Friday.
  • Water barrel and soap to be used to replace hand wipes in forest school.
  • I dot display to be organised.

Councillors to report back to class and gather further ideas for next meeting on 27th April.

Previous  achievements of    School Council :


The organisation of Harvest collections for Purley Food Hub

The   introduction of a 'Feedback Box' for pupils to use for posting comments about any concerns/worries and how we can improve the school   .

The introduction of Green Ambassadors   -  a large group of volunteers who give up time to litter-pick and check  lights and taps are off when not in use.  They promoted a battery collection box. 

Organisation of Antibullying week competitions .

Introduction of 'Playground pals'  and the 'Friendship benches '

Discussion and naming of  our new intervention and lunchtime quiet room - 'The Beehive' The children also made suggestions for the resources that could be put into the Hive for lunchtime activities. 


The organisation of Harvest collections for Purley Food Hub.

Review of the new Traffic Light system in the Behaviour Policy. 

Preparation and delivery  of an assembly  to encourage good attendance.   Also presented to school governors

Organisation of a 'Good to be Green' mufti day.  This  was one of the activities that supported our school's application and   achievement of    the  'Green Tree  Gold Award' from the Woodland Trust.

Review of the 'Antibullying policy'.  Organisation of Antibullying week competition. 

Visit to PDR construction's building site and the organisation of a poster competition ' Safety around a building site'.


The organisation of Harvest collections for Purley Food Hub.

During the Governors day, the school council met with governors to tell them about the school council and   the projects that it   has been involved in.  

The suggestion and implementation of a 'Rainbow mufti day' to celebrate the wide range of differences between us all at Kenley. 

Green ambassadors - suggestion and purchase of plastic bottle recycling boxes for inside the school. 

Organisation of a poster competition - 'Saving Energy' 

Discussion and redesign of pupil voice questionnaire. 

Choice of animal to sponsor in the WWF - school council    chose the dolphin. 


The organisation of Harvest collections for Purley Food Hub.

Introduction of the 'i-dot' challenge. 

Discussion and naming of the ELSA room - 'The Nest'


House Captains

Each  year, we hold   elections in Class 6 for the House Captains. Children from Years 3 to 6 and all members of staff take part in the election and   from this, a House Captain and Vice House Captain for each House are elected.  They are presented with House Captain badges. 

House Captains are responsible for the organisation and running of special events. 

These events have included the annual 'Kenley's got Talent '  extravaganza, our sports days and inter -house events e.g an interhouse bench-ball competition .

Votes For Schools



VotesforSchools is an award-winning platform giving our    students a voice on the issues that affect them the most, as well as supporting us    to consistently embed SMSC, British Values and Prevent across our school.

Be Informed. Be Curious. Be Heard.


Kenley Primary school participates  in    'Votes for Schools'. This is a national platform   for schools which produces a weekly topic for discussion. This is always a current affairs topic and resources are produced which are suitable for KS1, with additional    KS2 materials. The weekly resources    include    an assembly; an engaging  presentation for the classroom -    often with  relevant video links;    questions for  discussion and the opportunity to vote  on the topic for that week. 

Recent topics include:

Is cyber security important to you?

Do we need to learn more about how vaccines work?

Could you be a first settler on Mars?

Will Brexit stop you from going on holiday?