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Home Learning Week 4- 25th January 2021

Bfree's lesson today is on reactions with Mr Kember

Bfree's Lesson today is on Reactions Steps for success:*Focus and make sure you listening to the instructions.*Lots of little steps*Balls of your feet.*

Home Learning Week 3-18th January 2021

Bfree's lessons on throwing and catching with Mr Kember.

Warm up:Mr men game to get the body loose and ready to go!!Lesson today is on Throwing and catching Steps for success: Ensure you keep your eyes on the item

Home Learning Week 2- 11th January 2021

P.E with Mr Kember

Still image for this video
Have fun with this Mr Men activity!

Home Learning Week 1- 5th January 2021

Welcome to Class Reception

We  have been   extremely impressed with how well the children have come into school this week. Confident and happy! We can't wait until   next week  where we  can have the whole class together.  Here are some photos for you of what the children have enjoyed playing  with  so far.

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