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What our Parents are Saying

Parent Survey 2017


We would like to thank all of the Parents & Carers who completed our questionnaire this year. We had a fair response rate – 46 were returned representing the views of 21% of the families of the pupils at our school.


When responses were put in order of most positive responses to least positive responses, the questions with most positive respondes were:

  • My child enjoys school.
  • My child makes good progress.
  • The school is a safe environment for my child.

Questions with the least positive responses were:

  • I am aware of the governing body & their role within the school.
  • Children’s views are taken into consideration.
  • Parents views are taken into consideration.


We have shared the results with the Senior Leadership Team and will be looking at any additional comments that were made more closely.


To see the full survey results please open the document below.

Here are a few comments from the Parent Survey.


"My child is making good progress"


"Communication seems very good.  My child enjoys the out of school activities which are quite varied"


"My child has always been happy at school".


"The second I speak to a teacher or the Head Teacher about something, it is dealt with there and then.  I feel like my concern is their only concern although I know it isn't. 


I am 100% satisfied with communication when help is needed"



Parent Survey 2017 results