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Year 4

Home Learning Week 4- 25th January 2021

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Bfree's lesson on core muscles with Mr Kember

Learning objective How to improve our core muscles and how it helps us.Steps for success:*Keep core activated (Squeezing your stomach and glutes) * Ensure yo...

Home Learning Week 3- 18th January 2021

Bfree's lesson today is on reactions with Mr Kember

Bfree's Lesson today is on Reactions Steps for success:*Focus and make sure you listening to the instructions.*Lots of little steps*Balls of your feet.*

Home Learning Week 2- 11th January 2021

P.E with Mr Kember

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Improve your throwing skills with Mr Kember!

Home Learning Week 1- 5th January 2021

TT Rockstar day

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